Gerald Hotel

151-157 Main St., Fairfield, Maine


Photo taken by Brian Bartlett in August 2016




Recreation Criterion B: Amos (1841-1913), Transportation, Industry, Entertainment and Recreation The Gerald Hotel is a small town hotel which was built with a degree of extravagance and detail more common to larger hotels in major urban centers. The brick and terracotta hotel building was built by Amos F. Gerald in 1899-1900 to designs by Lewiston architect William R. Miller. An attached building at the rear was used as a furniture showroom for the Lawry Brothers, one of two commercial establishments that had store fronts on the first floor of the hotel. Although much of the exterior architectural detailing is no longer extant, the Gerald Hotel is significant for its association with its builder Amos F. Gerald (1841-1913), a businessman whose life’s work influenced commercial, industrial, recreational, and transportation development across Maine in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. It is also important as home to one of the longest lasting commercial establishments, Lawry Brothers furniture (and successors), in downtown Fairfield and as the town’s premier hotel and community function facility for more than three decades

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