Fairlee Town Hall

75 Town Common Rd., Fairlee, VT


Fairlee Town Hall


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The Fairlee Town Hall, designed and erected in 1913 and proudly dedicated the following year, is historically significant for its clear portrayal of and long association with the development of strong civic and cultural life within a small but diverse agrarian, railroad and lake recreation community located in the rural Upper Connecticut River Valley of New England. Since its completion, the building has been the center of community affairs, serving as home to the local grange, town government, and town library. Additionally, the large second floor auditorium provides space for the community at large to enjoy theater, motion picture, and general recreational and other assembly uses. The Fairlee Town Hall is also a good example of Colonial Revival architecture, with additions for a vault for the Town Clerk (1953) and more space for the public library (1954) that maintain the original design and reflect the evolution of the building for civic purposes. The building, representative of period design and construction, is in good overall condition and still in use by the community both locally and at large for the many area civic and cultural functions as they have evolved over the past century. The Fairlee Town Hall, with related fire station, is significant under Criteria A for its association with the development of the Town of Fairlee and Criteria C for it architecture.

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