Red Crown Tavern and Tourist Cabins (Former Site Of)

Near Intersection of NW Ambassador Drive and Mid NW Continent Trafficway

Historic Marker Identifying Location of the Red Crown Tavern



Photo taken by J.R. Manning in May 2014



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In 1931, Emmett Breen built Red Crown Tavern and Tourist Cabins at a location just west of this marker. (The actual site is somewhere beneath the exit ramp from I-29.) This marker commemorates the location of the tavern and cabins, and the famous shoot-out that occurred there.

On July 19, 1933, Platte County Sheriff Holt Coffey and a small army of deputies from the Platte County and Jackson County Sheriff's Office, and Missouri Highway Patrol officers, attempted to capture the notorious fugitives Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Clyde's brother, Buck Barrow and his wife Blanche Barrow, and the gang's driver, W.D. Jones.

The Barrow Gang had rented the two Red Crown Tavern cabins, that were separated by a garage. A horrendous gun battle erupted, and despite withering gunfire, the quintet of criminals managed to escape and head north toward St. Joseph, Missouri.

Buck Barrow took a bullet to the head and Blanche Barrow was temporarily blinded by glass shards from the getaway car windows, caused by gunfire by the lawmen.

Buck Barrow died in an Iowa hospital from his gunshot wounds after his arrest in Iowa. Blanche Barrow was also arrested and was returned to Platte County for trial. Parker, Barrow and Jones escaped.

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