Ridpath Hotel

515 W. Sprague Avenue, Spokane, WA


Ridpath Hotel


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"The Ridpath Hotel is historically significant under Criteria A as a property that is associated with the broad patterns of commerce in downtown Spokane, Washington. The hotel, completed in 1952, was described in the local press as ""Spokane's Contribution to America's Fine Hotels-Tuned to the Tempo of The Times-A Dramatic New Note in Gracious Living."" v Once completed, the hotel served for 40+ years as the place to stay in the city and as the ""go to"" location for a variety of events hosting weddings, meetings, receptions, and conferences."


20th Century (29,076)
Brick (42,462)
Built 1952 (105)
Built during 1950s (922)
Have Street View (47,023)
Hotel (2,725)
Modern Movement (2,576)
Spokane County, Washington (151)
Washington (1,978)

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