Duplex at 73-75 Sherman Street

73-75 Sherman Street, Burlington, VT


Duplex at 73-75 Sherman Street


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"The duplex at 73-75 Sherman Street in Burlington is an early 20th century, vernacular Colonial Revival style apartment building. The building was initially constructed c. 1912 at the rear of the lot to serve as a livery stable for Lucius Bostwick, owner of Bostwick's Market, but with the burgeoning need for housing in the early decades ofthe 20th century, Bostwick substantially rehabilitated the building in 1927 to serve as a duplex. The 2 1/2-story, two-unit building, because of its conversion to residential, is associated with the continuing development of multi-family worker housing in Burlington's Old North End, a large, working-class neighborhood that began to develop in the late 19th century. It is the only example on Sherman Street ofthe adaptive use of a non-residential secondary structure into a residential building, reflecting the continued demand for housing in the area even after all of the traditional building lots had been developed. Because of its later rehabilitation for housing, the building's Colonial Revival style architectural features are distinctive in this neighborhood of primarily gable front, 1 1/2-story, single-family, vernacular c. 187 5 dwellings. The initial construction of the building as a livery stable c. 1912, its adaptive use into a duplex in 1927, and the patterns and histories ofthe owners/occupants and their families, illustrate the social, cultural, economic and housing trends characteristic of multiunit housing development in Burlington. Therefore, it is locally significant under National Register Criterion C. Although built as a livery stable c. 1912, the rehabilitation of the building for use as a duplex in 1927 marks the period of significance. The building is being nominated under the Multiple Property Listing for ""The Historic and Architectural Resources of Burlington, Vermont,"" Historic Context- ""The Evolution of Worker Housing, 1827-1956"" and meets the registration requirements for the -Multi-Unit Worker Housing- property type."

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