Sigma Pi Fraternity House

108 Mclean Street, Iowa City, Iowa


Sigma Pi Fraternity House

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The Sigma Pi Fraternity House is significant under both Criteria A and C. Under Criterion A this fraternity house is associated with the development of a form of collegiate housing in Iowa City that reached its peak in the decade following the end of World War I -the Greek House or fraternity and sorority house. The fraternity house was planned and built between 1926 and 1929 during the second and final wave of homebuilding in the Manville Heights residential neighborhood in which it is located. This homebuilding boom was underway following completion of construction of the new University General Hospital on the West Campus between 1924 and 1928. The Sigma Pi Fraternity House's construction also came during the peak period of fraternity house development at the State University of Iowa (University of Iowa) that took place on both the east and west sides of the Iowa River. The Great Depression's impact on the University extended to fraternity houses such as the Sigma Pi House forcing it into receivership during World War II. Under Criterion C, this building is significant architecturally as a well-preserved local example of the Tudor Revival Style and of an important residential sub-type for this style, the fraternity or sorority house. It also is an example of the Stone Clad Tudor Revival architectural sub-type. The Sigma Pi design is based on a design by fraternity house architect Myron E. Pugh who also designed fraternity houses in Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois. The Tudor Revival Style was one of several early 20th century revival styles employed locally for domestic architecture beginning in the decade following World War I and reached its peak during the late 1920s and early 1930s in the Manville Heights neighborhood.


Built 1926 (993)
Built during 1920s (8,317)
Have Street View (47,383)
House (27,757)
In operation (2,346)
Iowa (2,526)
Johnson County, Iowa (98)
Stone (26,166)
Tudor Revival (1,412)

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