Salem Baptist Church

2001 Seiler Road, Alton, Illinois


Salem Baptist Church

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Salem Baptist Church at 2001 Seiler Road, Foster Township, Madison County, Illinois, was constructed in 1912 for an African-American congregation organized in 1819. The associated parcel includes the church (contributing), a 1903 outhouse (contributing), 1903 cemetery (contributing), 2002 outbuilding (non-contributing) and a contemporary sign (non-contributing). Throughout the early to mid-twentieth century, Salem Baptist Church served as the local African-American community's center of social activities. The building in addition to its religious associations, supported community events, clubs, meetings and civil rights activities. The level of significance for Salem Baptist Church is local. The church is significant under Criterion A for its associations in Social History and Ethnic Heritage. The period of significance is 1903 - 1963. The year 1903 represents the property's earliest aboveground contributing resources (outhouse and cemetery). The year 1963 reflects the property's significance, which has been achieved within the past 50 years, prior to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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