Beverly Depot - Odell Park Historic District

Roughly bounded by River Street, Broadway, Rantoul Street and Pleasant Street, Beverly, Massachusetts


Beverly Depot - Odell Park Historic District

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The Beverly Depot-Odell Park Historic District contains a diverse collection of historic resources whose development was a direct result of the introduction of the railroad to Beverly (1839) and the subsequent development of a railroad depot at Park Street in 1852. The district contains 19th - and early 20th -century resources significant for their association with community planning and development, transportation, industry, commerce, and architecture. The period of ignificance of the district is 1852 to 1963, reflecting the earliest surviving resource (Railroad Square/Odell Park) and the continued development of the district over the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries. The district retains integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association, nd fulfills National Register criteria A and C with significance at the local level.

Posted to the NRHP 1-8-2014


19th Century (38,126)
Beverly, Massachusetts (19)
Brick (42,466)
Building (4,491)
Built 1852 (293)
Built during 1850s (4,737)
Classical Revival (4,581)
Colonial Revival (5,264)
Commercial building (6,411)
District (10,645)
Essex County, Massachusetts (460)
Granite (5,091)
Have Street View (50,477)
In operation (2,698)
Industrial building (1,210)
Italianate (5,122)
Late 19th and 20th Century Revival (16,278)
Massachusetts (4,436)
Moderne (741)
Railroad (2,008)
Railroad depot (1,587)
Sandstone (4,860)
Second Empire (1,067)
Stone (26,167)
Victorian (19,703)

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