Roberge--Desautels Apartment House

54 North Champlain Street, Butlington, Vermont


Roberge--Desautels Apartment House

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The Roberge-Desautels Apartment House, a multi-family apartment building at 54 North Champlain Street, is being nominated to National Register under the Multiple Property Listing The Historic and Architectural Resources of Burlington, Vermont, Historic Context- The Evolution of Worker Housing, 1827-1956. It meets the registration requirements for the Multi-Unit Worker Housing property type. The apartment house was built for John Roberge, a grocer, carriage maker and blacksmith who was responsible for the construction of numerous investment properties along North Champlain Street. The c. 1900 building has local significance as an example of a multi-family dwelling constructed in a working class neighborhood to accommodate a growing population during the peak of the city's economic expansion. Yet, this vernacular Queen Anne style dwelling with its tall bay windows, multiple porches, molded interior trim details, and large front rooms, appears more aligned with single family homes in the more affluent sections of the city than its neighboring vernacular tenements. Typical of multiunit worker housing, the Roberge-Desautels Apartment House was altered c. 1940 to better accommodate the tenants. Recently renovated to better respect its historic architectural design, the apartment house is eligible for listing under Criterion C. The building continues to serve its original multi-family purpose, and contributes to a vibrant neighborhood still defined by a mix of residences, family businesses, and working class roots.

Posted to the NRHP 1-22-2014

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