East Leverett Historic District

Shutesbury Road , January Hills Road, Still Corner Road, Cushman Rd., Leverett, Connecticut


East Leverett Historic District


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The East Leverett Historic District is significant under Criteria A and C at the local level. Under Criterion A it is significant as a late 18th_ and 19th -century agricultural and industrial village whose residents followed the occupational patterns of their time, working as both farmers and in the grist, saw, textile, and turning mills that over time occupied the waterpower sites on Roaring Brook in Leverett. Theirs was a mixed economy, typical of the small towns of western Massachusetts where reliance ole ly n agriculture or industry was not wise or possible due to the nature of the soils and irregular landscap available for fanning, and to the limited size of the streams and rivers to power machinery. The district is significant for its representative shift from a 19 1h -century mixed economy to that of a second home destination in the early 20th century, and then back to a permanent residential district from the mid 20th century, this time to University of Massachusetts faculty and staff. These are some of the broad patterns of history in western Massachusetts represented in East Leverett. Under Criterion C, the district is significant for the examples of late 18t- through 191h -century architectural styles and building forms. Federal buildings in good condition are found among the Greek Revival, Italianate, and Colonial Revival style buildings that constitute the majority of the district and are also in good condition. A former schoolhouse, a former store, a former mill, houses, and outbuildings are varied building types remaining in the district. The buildings are, by and large, modest in scale and ornament, but were well constructed and remain well preserved.

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Colonial Revival (5,251)
District (10,576)
Franklin County, Massachusetts (68)
Gothic (1,440)
Have Street View (48,305)
In operation (2,523)
Italianate (5,117)
Massachusetts (4,427)

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