Memorial Hall

Pomona Street at Alexander Avenue, Crockett, California


Memorial Hall

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Memorial Hall is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level of significance under Criteria A and C. Under Criterion A Memorial Hall is associated with the national and regional effort to commemorate veterans of World War I through the construction of local monuments and memorial halls. As part of a Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors' initiative the building was one of thirteen memorial structures constructed to honor World War I veterans throughout Contra Costa County, and was the only one of its scale and style constructed. The project required the cooperation and funding of the Board of Supervisors, C. & H. Sugar, and the American Legion. The building served not only as a memorial, but also as a meeting location for the American Legion members and all local veterans. Further, under Criterion C the building is a significant example of the Classical Revival style of architecture as executed by a local designer, an employee of C. & H. Sugar, and constructed by local veterans. The building retains a high degree of historic integrity, with the only significant alterations being reversible. The memorial is the only one of its kind in both the community of Crockett and Contra Costa County.

Posted to the NRHP 2-25-2014

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