Capitol View Manor Historic District

Roughly bounded by Norfolk Southern Railway, Hillside Dr. SW, 1-75, Deckner Ave. SW, and Metropolitan Pkwy. SW, Atlanta, GA


Capitol View Manor Historic District

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The Capitol View Manor Historic District is significant at the local level under Criterion C in the area of architecture and under Criterion A in the area of community planning and development for its importance to the city of Atlanta as an early planned subdivision on the south side. In the early 1920s, a group of investors led by banker and attorney Joseph E. Boston purchased a tract of land in southwest Atlanta from the Freedman's Aid Society in order to subdivide it for a new residential development to be named Capitol View Manor. The site was situated on high ground adjacent to Stewart Avenue (now Metropolitan Parkway), the major north-south highway through Atlanta, which provided convenient commuter access to downtown. The Capitol View Manor Historic District is significant in the area of community planning and development, because it represents an early planned modem subdivision in Atlanta that reflects some of the predominant national trends of its time. It was built in response to the rapid population growth of Atlanta and the need for well-built affordable housing on the south side of the city. The district still retains the same layout of streets and lots, which were a departure from the gridiron pattern that had dominated previous development in surrounding neighborhoods. It is also significant for its design by Olin I. Freeman of Atlanta, a civil engineer who was involved in similar projects in Atlanta and other Georgia towns. The district is significant in the area of architecture for its good intact collection of house types and styles found in middle-class suburbs in Georgia from the 1920s through the late 1950s, as identified in the statewide context Georgia's Living Places: Historic Houses in Their Landscaped Settings. - National Register Database


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