William and Hannah Root House

145 Denmead Street NW, Marietta, GA


William and Hannah Root House

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The William and Hannah Root House is significant at the local level under Criterion C in the area of architecture as a good, intact example of a central hallway 1-house that retains its historic design and materials. 1-houses were built in the Piedmont and Upper Coastal Plain regions of Georgia throughout the 19th century with most examples dating to the 1840s, 1850s, 1870s, and 1890s, making the William and Hannah Root House one of the earliest known examples in the state. The Root house is also one of the oldest extant buildings in Marietta, and the city's only documented surviving in-town middle-class residence of its time. The Root house meets Criteria Consideration B as a moved building because the house was moved as a measure to save it and because it has been moved to a new location very close to its original location in Marietta, and oriented as it was originally on a site that is compatible with its original site. - National Register Database


19th Century (37,874)
Brick (42,462)
Built 1845 (243)
Built during 1840s (3,004)
Cobb County, Georgia (56)
Georgia (3,075)
Greek Revival (102)
Have Street View (46,879)
House (27,676)
Marietta, Georgia (21)
Open to the public (3,274)

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