755th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron

Also known as: Williams Bay Air Force Station
N3440 STH 67, Williams Bay WI 53191

Location of a former Cold War radar station, now an industrial park


Historical Marker

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in May 2013




Ater 1949, after the Soviet Union successfully detonated an atomic weapon, the Cold War began. A network of radar stations were set up across the United States to detect all moving aircraft. By 1957, there were 200 such stations in the network. After the successful launch of Sputnik, the importance of the radar network became irrelevant as the delivery system escalated from aircraft to intercontinental ballistic missiles. By the early 1960s, the network was decommissioned.

This station operated in relative obscurity. In 1953, it was renamed the Williams Bay Air Force Station.

Today, the land that was once the Williams Bay Air Force Station serves as part of an industrial park. All that remains is a historical marker.

The marker is located on WIS 67, south of I-43.

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