Sojourners Club

211 South Elson Street, Kirksville, Missouri


Sojourners Club

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Located at 211 South Elson Street in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri, the Sojourners Club is locally significant under National Register Criterion A for SOCIAL HISTORY and Criterion C for the area of ARCHITECTURE. Designed by local architect, Irwin Dunbar, the nominated property was erected to accommodate both a women's club and the public library they administered. Founded in 1897, the Sojourners Club is a local example of a nationwide trend in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of organized efforts by women to improve their communities through municipal projects, the lending library housed in this structure being one such undertaking. In addition to the clubhouse's strong connections with a local women's group, the Sojourners Club presents an unusual combination of Prairie School and Craftsman styles within the architectural context of commercial, social and medical buildings that make up Kirksville's central business district. Representative oflrwin Dunbar's work on other buildings in Kirksville between 1914 and 1917, the Sojourners Club adeptly joins sound workmanship and artistic values with the spatial requirements of a philanthropic organization and the public lending library it administered. Dunbar's blend of materials and stylistic elements make this a noteworthy example of early-twentieth century club architecture in rural northeast Missouri. When construction finished in 1916, the Sojourners Club was one of two free standing clubhouses in Kirksville's commercial center.20 In addition, this building is among the few early examples of this local architect's work to retain integrity. (NRHP Form)


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