Haight-Bridgewater House

502 Peosta, Helena, Montana


Haight-Bridgewater House


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Constructed in 1890, the Haight Bridgwater House's modest architecture belies the significant history it represents. Built as a residence during the height of Helena's prosperity and growth, the house represents one of the oldest residences associated with the 1887-platted Broadwater #1 Addition, and is tied to the city's continued community planning and development through the late nineteenth century. During this period, both the house and the neighborhood addition itself were situated at the northernmost reaches of the city's ambitious plan for expansion and development. Through the late 19th and early-mid 20th centuries, the building served as an important gathering place and touchstone for both the Broadwater neighborhood and the African-American community in the city, including a brief tenure as a Baptist mission house. Further, the house embraces the story of three women, who each in their own right, faced and overcame adversity during their time in Helena. Their experiences contribute to our understanding of the social history of Helena during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For these reasons, the building is eligible for listing in the National Register under Criterion A. (NRHP Nomination Form)

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