Kirkland Water Tower

Just north of the CP Railroad and between N 4th & Nth 5th streets. in Kirkland

Old Kirkland water tower standing by while new water tower is erected.


Kirkland Water Towers

The old Kirkland water tower stands by as the new tower is erected in 1987. When the old water tower was completed, the old one was dismantled over a two year period, 1988 - 89. My mother Pansy H DeMunn (1927-2010) realizing the historical significance, took the photo.

Photo taken by Pansy H DeMunn in 1987




According to a family friend who also happens to be a Village Trustee for the people of Kirkland, the new water tower was erected in 1987 and the old one was dismantled over a two year period from 1988 - 89.

The old water tower was replaced because of age and it lacked the capacity to keep up with growth that was expected to occur over the following years. In retrospect, it was one of those things that needed to be replaced but one cant help lament. The old water towers seemed to have had much more character than their replacements.

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