Kirkland School

Also known as: Kirkland High School, Kirkland Grade School, Kirkland Middle School, Hiawatha Grade School, Hiawatha Elementary School
At the south-east corner of Park St and Prospect St

Like a large one room school, the Kirkland School opened in 1938 and originally housed all the grades, Grade School through High School.


Kirkland School Spring 2008

Looking north-east from the south-western end of the football field, towards the Kirkland School around Spring 2008.

Photo taken by Wayne DeMunn in 2008




It was the fourth school building in Kirkland Illinois to be known as The Kirkland School. Construction on this one began in 1937 and was completed in 1938. The work was still being done as it opened in the Fall of 1938. Like a one room school house, it was originally used for all the grades from 1938-58. A new high school was built and opened in the fall of 1958, at which time the Kirkland schools were renamed Hiawatha and then this building was used for Grade School through Jr High classes from 1958-69. A new middle school opened about 1970, after which time this building was used exclusively as the Hiawatha Elementary School until 2011 when a new grade school opened. The building sat for a few years and then demolition began on March 4, 2014 and took a few months to complete.

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