Irene Coal & Feed

About 5 miles south-west of Belvidere IL, on Irene Rd and just south of the former Illinois Central RR tracks

Last of several railroad related businesses that use to stand in Irene, Illinois.


Irene Coal & Feed

The last railroad related business building still standing in Irene, Illinois.

Photo taken by Wayne DeMunn June 28, 2014




The Irene Coal & Feed is the last still standing of many railroad related buildings that use to stand here in Irene, Illinois.

The building is located about 5 - 6 miles south-west of Belvidere, IL and about the same distance south-east of Cherry Valley, IL. It sits on the east side of the Irene Rd, and just south of the former Galena to Chicago branch of the Illinois Central Railroad (Canadian National today), and on the north end of the tiny unincorporated village of Irene, IL.

A good look around the building and it looks like it could still be in business today but I think some local person or persons just keep it looking spiffy and they probably only use it for storage today. There is still a side track on the north side of the building but I doubt its been used in years.

For many years there was a railroad depot, a large Elevator and other related buildings on the west side of the road. The depot has been gone for some time but the elevator and other related buildings came down sometime in the last couple of decades.

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