James William Kite Store

8800 East Bend Road Burlington ky



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"The James William Kite Store meets the first term of National Register Criterion C, significant as a type of construction, a country store. Its significance relates to its architectural identity; the Kite Store is a good representative of a class of buildings-commercial buildings in Boone County-associa ted with the rise of mercantile activity in rural Boone County during the late-19th and early-20th centuries. The Kite Store helps articulate the general evolution of design among commercial buildings in Boone County. The earliest commerce in the county often occurred in buildings that served multiple purposes: residential, manufacturing, and commercial. Thus, early- 19111 -century buildings serving a commercial purpose often looked much like residences, because, in fact , they were . As the 191h century progressed, commercial and industrial non-farm activity increasingly sought spaces away from the home. If commercial activity became more complex and specialized in the post-Civil War period, it would have prompted building designers to shape commercial spaces appropriate to that specialized function. The emergence of the country store is an important sub-type of Boone County's commercial buildings, and the Kite Store is a valuable instance of this important sub-type of commercial building design. The building's significance is evaluated within the context, ""Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Commercial Architecture in Boone County, Kentucky,"" a section within the Multiple Properties Submission (MPS) Historic and Architectural Resources of Boone County, Kentucky, 1789-1950, (Taylor, 2000). The property meets the MPS's Registration Requirements."

- nps.gov

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