Record, Judson, House

Also known as: Maine's Paper & Heritage Museum
22 Church St., Livermore Falls, Maine


1910 Judson Record House, now Maine's Paper & Heritage Museum, 22 Church St., Livermore Falls, Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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The Judson Record House in Livermore Falls is a local landmark. Located on a hill overlooking downtown and the riverfront location of the town’s most significant manufactories, the building carries a prestige of style as one of the last great early-twentieth century houses in town. The Georgian Revival style house was designed by the Lewiston architectural firm of Coombs and Gibbs in 1906 and constructed shortly thereafter. In addition it is a significant link to the industries and men that developed the town and the area. Its first owner, Judson A. Record, owned a foundry and machine company, and was a son of Alvin A. Record who was responsible for introducing pulp and paper manufacturing to Livermore Falls in the 1870s. Later the house was sold to the International Paper Company and served as the residence for the company’s chief local agents. In 2007 the house was deeded to the Western Maine Heritage and Paper Museum, a non-profit organization that focuses on the important economic, social and cultural role and history of pulp and paper manufacture in Maine. The Record House illustrates the broad patterns local industrial history in the twentieth century as well as standing as a good local example of Georgian Revival architecture.

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