Who Sows

Also known as: Who Sows Believes in God
NW Corner of Brown and Beaver Dam Streets, Waupun, Wisconsin

Clarence Shaler's monument to the optimism of those to sow seeds


Overview Looking Northwest

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in April 2014




Clarence Shaler was an immensely successful inventor/industrialist in Waupun who took up sculpture in retirement, at the age of 70. Who Sows is one of Shaler's later works.

An art snob at the University of Wisconsin labeled this work as "…inferior art" and as a result, it was hidden away in a basement on campus for thirty years. Someone rescued it and placed it at the UW Farms in Arlington where it stood, in an obscure location, for another fifteen years. Civic leaders in Waupun recognized the value of Shaler's art and petitioned for its return to Waupun. This was accomplished in 1995 and Who Sows now stands proudly on the campus of Waupun Memorial Hospital.

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