Mount Holyoke Summit House

Also known as: The Prospect House
At the summit of Mount Holyoke

The Mount Holyoke "Prospect House" was a popular tourist destination in Hadley


MtHolyoke 1

North side of the Summit House

Historic Postcard reprint by Friends of the Holyoke Range



Street View 


The Mt. Holyoke Summit House is situated at the top of Mt. Holyoke in Hadley. While the core of the building was constructed in 1851, through the years several additions and upgrades were added, including an inclined plane "tramway." The railway ran up a 600 foot stairway with rails on each side for a primitive cable car. In 1867 the tram was rebuilt, covered by a roof and run by steam power. The hotel was forced to close as a result of serious damage during the hurricane of 1938. Then owned by J. A. Skinner, the hotel and property were eventually donated to the state and is now part of J. A. Skinner State Park.

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