Clinton Little Rock Military Road

From Fort Roots to Clinton

Clinton Little Rock Military Road


Wagon trail down steep ridge

Holland Arkansas

Photo taken by Dennis Charles in August 2015

License: Released into public domain




In the Mid 1800s a road existed from fort roots in Little Rock to the Clinton area, the route was a primary road used by the Union and Confederates during the civil war hauling there weapons of war, since the war the road has been subjected to rerouting and farmers reclaiming parts of it, as well as new roads of better loc and type replacing it as a main road, we will rebuild this road in your minds and attempt to take you back to when it saw its primary use 1860-1900. the route starts at fort roots on the river in N Little Rock, it went through Camp Robinson and came out on Hwy 89 where it is known now as Hwy 286, at saltillo it take s a NNE turn to hamlett, you cross hwy 64 on to Roden Gap, 2 miles from Roden mill rd is where the 1800s road vanishes, and you find all the photos showing where it was,

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