Moss House

Moss St,, Tallulah Falls


Photo taken by pam phillips in September 2015



Street View 


R.H. Moss of Athens built several structures in Tallulah Falls in the late 19th century, including the Cliff House Hotel and this family home. Located just south of the train depot, it escaped the Great Fire of 1921. This home remained in the Moss family from 1879 until 1981 when it was sold to a developer. In recent years, it housed Isabelle’s Restaurant.


19th Century (37,874)
Built 1879 (301)
Built during 1870s (5,027)
Georgia (3,075)
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House (27,679)
Rabun County, Georgia (27)

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Moss House
Posted January 12, 2020, by Anonymous


Moss House
Posted December 19, 2015, by Mayor Dan A Hayes (dixieeaglescout [at] yahoo [dot] com)

The oldest Man made structure left Standing and the last living breathing structure from the 19th Century. The oldest and largest house in Tallulah falls. Now belongs to me. The New Mayor of Tallulah Falls. Dan A Hayes. I bought the house in a bankrupt foreclosure sale. December 16th 2013. Two years and much work later we have it in some what better shape than we found it. Restoring a landmark Iconic

Building that has stood for 138 years is no small task.

while working on the house we discovered many hidden secrets about this grand old lady. It is amazing how Colonel Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr. had done many upgrades to what was his second home, What he called His summer home.

He even named it. (Pine Terrace). If you google the Colonel. You will find some interesting reads about all and to the extent he went in to the house and the town.Colonel Rufus Lafayette Moss Sr. Was Tallulah Falls,The railroad and the gorge. He either owned it all are built it all.