Georgia Military Institute

500 Powder Springs Street at the northeast edge of the Hilton Conference Center parking lot, Marietta


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GEORGIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1851-1864 Opened in 1851 on a 110-acre campus, the Institute had a 4-year curriculum modeled after West Point. The cadet lifestyle was strict. Students attended classes all day followed by an hour-long drill, dress parades at sunset and evenings spent studying. Townspeople proudly supported the Institute and attended its functions. Cadets came from at least nine states and graduates included Major General Pierce M. B. Young, CSA. Although increased income from the school’s growth never kept pace with expenses, its financial future improved after the State acquired it in 1858. In the early 1860s, cadets entered the military after reaching age 18, but in May 1864 all those remaining received their marching orders. After their departure, the school’s buildings were used in turn as a hospital for both sides and as a Federal headquarters and barracks before being destroyed in November. Only the adjoining private residence of the first superintendent, Col. Arnoldus V. Brumby, now called Brumby Hall, was spared. The cadets served at various locations in Georgia, then when the war ended in May 1865 they returned home as civilians. Despite much interest, efforts to reestablish the school in the following decade were unsuccessful, mainly due to lack of funds.

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