Hi-Lander Theater

2700 Highland Ave, New Castle, PA

Former movie theater


Photo taken by Brian Manville on May 31, 2021



Street View 


Hi Lander Theatre was located in a plaza which was/is called Hi Lander Plaza. It opened February 21, 1951 with Donald O'Connor in “The Milkman”. It was closed June 29, 1987.

The Hilander was the project of local business men Albert Tate, Johnny Winsick and Joseph Glorisso. It was a state of the art theater for its time with a smoke room on the left side of the projection room and a cry room on the right, each with approximately 12 seats.

The theater was long and somewhat narrow which made it impossible to twin or quad so it stands empty. It was the only area theater that had a curtain.

The plaza of which this theater is a part is for sale as of Memorial Day 2021.

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