SS Grand View Point Hotel

Destroyed by fire
Also known as: Ship Hotel, Noah's Ark
Lincoln Highway, just west of Schellsburg

Popular hotel in the 1930s until the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened


Grand View Ship Hotel

Unknown Photographer




Originally built as a castle roadhouse along the Lincoln Highway, the building was converted to a ship in 1931. It was a popular stop through the 1930s but as traffic moved to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, business began to trail off. It continued to be popular in the 1950s but the family sold the property in 1978.

Jack and Mary Loya bought the property and decided to rename it Noah's Ark and began to add siding to make it appear wooden. The magic just never came.

The property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, and HAER documented the hotel as it appeared at that time. It was often a target of vandals. The old hotel burned to the ground in 2001. The cause of the fire was never determined however, two other roadside structures nearby burned down about that same time.

The hotel was removed from the NRHP after the destruction.

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