The Mill Restaurant

Also known as: The Blue Mill
738 S. Washington, Lincoln, IL

Route 66 icon building


Photo taken by Steve Conro in May 2016



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The Mill in Lincoln opened in 1929 under the name of the Blue Mill, on Stringer Avenue. Itís proprietor was Paul Coddington, who would serve patrons grilled sandwiches at any hour of the day or night. A Dutch themed building with blue trim, it featured a revolving windmill and waitresses dressed in blue with white aprons.

In 1945, Albert and Blossom Huffman purchased the building, added a barroom and dance hall, and then painted the building barn red. Over the years, the restaurant became famous for itís fried schnitzel, originally made of veal, and later of pork.

By the mid 1980ís the Mill had lost most of the Dutch themed interior, and was becoming a museum of rather strange objects, including a mechanical leg protruding from a hole in the ceiling.

The Mill closed in 1996, however the building is still standing in its original location.

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