Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital

Also known as: MaineGeneral Health, Seton Center, Woodfords Family Services
30 Chase Ave., Waterville, Maine


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Date listed: 7/11/2016

Criterion C: Architecture Statewide Significance Listed July 11, 2016

The Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital in Waterville, Maine is significant at the state level for architecture as a good example of the Miesian school of Modernist architecture, applied to a health care facility in Maine. Seton Hospital was designed by the architectural firm of James H. Ritchie & Associates in 1963 and completed in 1965. Scattered examples of International Style buildings, and its variants, began to appear in Maine in the 1940s, following World War II but most of these were residential rather than public or commercial. The Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital reflects general characteristics of the Miesian style, including a recessed ground floor, use of concrete panels to express the building’s framing on the exterior, and the use of aluminum windows and a flat roof.

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