US 12 midway between Baraboo and Sauk City

World's Largest Scrap Iron Sculpture


Dr. Evermor's Forevertron

This multi-ton sculpture is comprised of years of scrapping large, industrial sites. Each time you look at it, you see things you didn't see before.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2016




Where do old musical instruments go when they've outlived their usefulness as an instrument? When you were a kid, did you go to the circus and see 24 clowns get out of a Crosley? Where is it now? What ever happened to the peak off that building torn down? Where is Willie Wonka's elevator now that he's out of the chocolate business?

It's all here.

Once you get past the giant moth you end up in awe of the Forevertron, the largest scrap sculpture in the world. Once mesmerized by the Forevertron, one could spend hours studying the massive sculpture. What is all that stuff and where did it all come from? Most of it came from the fertile imagination of Tom Every, who before he became Dr. Evermor, was a successful scrap dealer who specialized in industrial scrapping. It seemed to him that crushing items of wonderful design just wasn't right and he began collecting such items for a future use of some kind. The Forevertron is the outgrowth of that collection. It is comprised of parts from power plants, breweries, steel mills, factories, there's even a full body fluoroscope in there someplace. An intergalactic egg, surrounded by giant thrusters, is ready to launch Dr. Evermor into the cosmos someday.

Off to the side are indescribable items of miscellaneous background. There's a International truck chassis back there with moss growing on the radiator and what looks like a compressor made out of an old truck with power supplied by a 1928 Ford engine and transmission. Maybe it's the starter. You'll also spot a Seagrave fire truck, a VW Microbus from the '70s and a Buick that was last licensed in the 1960s. Look for the old elevator car and a tardis or two. Keep your eyes open of you're liable to step on an iron creature.

Behind the Forevertron, you'll find a giant orchestra of fanciful birds. The creatures are comprised of old musical instruments with gas nozzles for beaks. A giant conductor is posed to start the music that just never seems to start. You'll see a flute, a baritone sax and lots of brass instruments, trumpets, cornets, baritones, French horns and Sousaphones.

If you've ever been to the House of the Rock, then you've already seen some of Dr. Evermor's work. Here is the place to experience a world of imagination.

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