B. Harley Bradley House and Stable

701 S. Harrison Ave., Kankakee, Illinois

One of the first FLW Prairie School Design homes


Overview Looking Northwest

Photo taken by J.R. Manning November 2017




The house is open for tours for a nominal fee. The stable is connected to the house via a breezeway and has since been converted to a gift shop.

Previously listed on the NRHP as a part of the Riverside Historic District, the house received its own listing on June 2, 2009.

Mr. Bradley was married to Anna Hickox Bradley, sister of Warren Hickox who built the Warren Hickox House right next door.

The Bradley House is connected to the Ward Winfield Willits House in Highland Park, Illinois as booth were designed and built in the same time frame. The Willits House is generally accepted as the first true Prairie Style House although some say the Bradley House holds that title.

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