Highbridge Interchange

Also known as: High Bridge Interchange
Interchange of I-95, I-87 & Washington Heights Bridge, New York City

Four-level stack interchange in New York City


Highbridge Interchange

Bottom level: Major Degan Expressway (Interstate 87) northbound

Photo taken by Brianna Tarness



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The Highbridge Interchange is a four-level stack interchange in New York City. The interchange is the location where Interstate 95 (Cross-Bronx Expressway), Interstate 87 (Major Degan Expressway) and two bridges across the Harlem River all intersect.

The Alexander Hamilton Bridge carries Interstate 95 across the river between Manhattan and the Bronx, and the Washington Heights Bridge does the same but bypasses a portion of the interchange.

Due to its close proximity to the George Washington Bridge, which is the busiest bridge in the world, and due to the sharp curves and loops on many of the ramps, the interchange is unfortunately best known among locals for its heavy and long traffic jams during rush hour. Many commuters have therefore chosen to exit the highway after crossing the GW and use the Washington Heights Bridge, since while it still goes through the interchange, most traffic can pass right over the looping ramps, except traffic exiting to University Avenue.


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