Rosedale/Rossville Interchange

Interchange of I-95, I-95 ETL, & I-695, Baltimore, Maryland

Four-level stack interchange in Baltimore, Maryland


Rosedale/Rossville Interchange

Bottom level: I-695 (Baltimore Outer Beltway)

Photo taken by Brianna Tarness



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The Rosedale Interchange is a four-level stack interchange located at the junction of Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway), the Express Toll Lanes of Interstate 95, and Interstate 695 (Baltimore Outer Beltway).

The interchange is a very new construction. The I-95 Express Toll Lanes are also a new construction, and when they were constructed, this interchange had to be completely redesigned to accommodate the new ETLs, even though there is no direct access to I-695 from the ETL and vise versa.

Before the Express Toll Lanes were constructed, this interchange was a three-level stack and partial cloverleaf interchange. Construction started in October 2007 before the ETL construction had even reached the location of the interchange, so that when the ETL did reach the interchange, the superstructure of the new bridges and flyover ramps was already constructed and therefore the ETLs could be fully opened sooner. The interchange was fully completed in November 2014, and the ETLs opened 1 month later in December.


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