Winter Garden Interchange

Interchange of Florida's Turnpike and FL-429 Toll in Orlando, Florida

Five-level stack interchange in Orlando, Florida


Winter Garden Interchange

Bottom level: Florida’s Turnpike

Photo taken by Brianna Tarness



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The Winter Garden Interchange is a five-level stack interchange at the junction of the Florida’s Turnpike and the Daniel Webster Beltway (FL-429 Toll).

The interchange is of an unusual design - the five levels do not consist of five flyover ramps directly on top of each other. Rather, many of the ramps run parallel to each other, but one higher than the other. Additionally, the second level of the interchange is not a flyover ramp and is not located under the flyover ramps.

The interchange is of a somewhat similar design to the Selmon Expressway Interchange in Tampa, which is also a five-level stack that does not have five flyovers on top of each other.

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