Richard Henry Dana Jr. Statue

bronze sculpture by John R. Terken completed in 1972


Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Photo taken by Richard Doody in November 2009



Richard Henry Dana Jr. arrived in California in 1835 aboard the brig Pilgrim, a tall-masted sailing ship out of Boston. For reasons of health, Dana left his studies at Harvard and at the age of 19 signed on to the Pilgrim as a common sailor. Later he vividly described life on ship and on shore in his famous book Two Years Before the Mast. In 1884 Dana Point was named in his honor, in memory of his brief visits and enthusiastic description of this beautiful place.

John R. Terken's 1972 bronze sculpture shows Dana as larger than life, full length figure. He is shirtless and wears pants which are rolled up to mid-calf. His proper right foot rests on a bit, which represents the deck of a ship. In his proper right hand he holds a notebook.

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