Dumas Hotel

45 E Mercury Street, Butte, MT

Two story Victorian brothel built in 1890


Dumas Hotel

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2006



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The Dumas, the "Hotel" was euphemism for brothel, was founded by French Canadian brothers Joseph and Arthur Nadeau in 1890 and named after the nominal owner, Delia Nadeau, née Dumas, who was Joseph's wife. It grew considerably through the years, with the miners employed by the city's copper mines often patronizing the establishment. After several changes of the "madams" and continuing pressure from authorities, the brothel closed in 1982. At the time of its closure, it was the longest operating brothel in the United States, having operated years after prostitution was made illegal in Montana.

The two-story brick building includes a basement level containing clandestine underground tunnels. There is a single story addition that was added to the rear of the main structure in 1912, and this leads directly onto the infamous brick lined "Venus Alley", once the center of Butte's red light district.


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