Downtown Connector Interchange

Also known as: Ridgley's Cove Interchange
Interchange of I-95 & I-395 in Baltimore, Maryland

Three-level stack interchange entirely built over water in Baltimore, Maryland


Downtown Connector Interchange

Distant view from Hanover Street Bridge

Photo taken by Brianna Tarness



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The Downtown Connector Interchange is an engineering marvel and one of only two known examples of its design. It is a 3-level stack interchange built entirely over water. Only the interchange of Interstate 10 and Interstate 310 between New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana has a similar design.

The Downtown Connector Interchange is located at the junction between Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway & Fort McHenry Tunnel Approach) and Interstate 395 (Downtown Connector). I-395 is a short freeway spur that only runs for about a mile inbound from the interchange before terminating at MLK Memorial Boulevard in downtown Baltimore. The highway was originally planned to be either an elevated or underground artery through the city connecting I-95 more directly to the Baltimore Outer Beltway (I-695) and points northwest. However, the original plans remain largely unbuilt today, and the interchange is the only real hallmark of I-395 that has come to fruition thus far.

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