Butte Electric Railway Trolleycar

300 Continental Drive, Butte, MT

Electric trolleycar built circa 1900


Butte Electric Railway Company Trolleycar

Photo taken by Richard Doody in September 2018



Street View 


Street cars were introduced to Butte in 1886 by the Butte City Street Railroad Company which was quickly followed by the Butte Consolidated Railway from 1887 - 1899 and finally by the Butte Electric Railway Company which operated the city's transit system from 1899 - 1937. The street car lines extended for some 23 miles by the time the trolleys were discontinued in favor of buses in 1937.

The fares set by Public Service Commission in 1919 were set as follows, "the Butte Electric Railway company ... fares shall provide for a cash fare on all lines within and without the city (save and except the Columbia Gardens line, where a ten-cent fare is now charged, which said rate will not be modified) of seven cents (7c), with transfer privileges, for all persons except children and mail carriers on duty (who shall be carried at the rate of two and one-half cents, as heretofore), and, in lieu of the seven-cent cash rate, tickets shall be sold in blocks of four, or any multiple thereof, at the rate of six and one-fourth cents (6/4c) per ticket, which said ticket shall entitle passengers to all the privileges of a seven-cent cash fare."

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