Sunshine Mine Disaster Memorial

Silver Valley Road, Kellogg, ID

Memorial to Sunshine Mine Disaster Victims dedicated in 1974


Sunshine Mine Disaster Memorial

Photo taken by Richard Doody in February 2010



The memorial, a 13-foot-tall metal miner with a glowing headlamp,is the creation of Ken Lonn, a former miner and shift boss at the Sunshine mine. It honors 91 miners killed in a fire at the Sunshine Silver Mine on May 2, 1972.

Fire broke out in the mine and smoke, carbon monoxide and other gases swept through the mine tunnels and shafts. There were 178 miners working at various levels in the mine, 85 made it to safety, 2 miners were found alive seven days later. The last of the 91 victims was brought out of the mine on May 13. The disaster was the worst hard-rock mining accident in the United States since 1917 when 168 miners died in a fire at the Granite Mountain mine in Butte, Montana.

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