First Presbyterian Meeting House

30 Congress Street, Troy, NY

Colonial style meeting house completed in 1793 demolished in 1834


First Presbyterian Meeting House

From Troy's First Hundred Year's, A.J.Weise, 1889



Troy's first formal religious congregation was formed in a meeting at Ashley's Inn on December 31, 1791 where, "the inhabitants of the Town of Troy incorporated themselves into a Presbyterian congregation according to a law of the State of New York...".

"Jacob D. Van der Heyden, having given the congregation in Troy three lots on the south side of Congress Street, fronting on First Street, the erection of a plain wooden meeting house, forty by sixty feet, was begun on the middle one, in the summer of 1792. For framing and inclosing [sic] the building, the contractors... were paid 46 13/, York money, in cash and 93 7/, in European and West India goods, at Troy retail prices." Services were first held in the building on March 8, 1794. - Troy's First Hundred Years, A.J. Weise, 1889

In 1834, the Trustees of The Presbyterian Church deeded the land to the city and the meeting house and a session house built on the site in 1819 were razed and the property enclosed with a wrought iron fence to form Seminary (now Sage) Park.

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