Noble Emigrant Trail

Also known as: Fort Kearney, South Pass and Honey Lake Wagon Road
US Hwy 395 (MP 80.5), 76 mi N of Litchfield, CA


Nobles Emigrant Trail Plaque

By National Park Service -, Public Domain,


"NOBLE EMIGRANT TRAIL - This route was first used in 1852 by emigrants to Northern California seeking to avoid the hardships of the Lassen Trail. It crossed the desert from the Humboldt River in Nevada, passed this point, and proceeded over the mountains to the town of Shasta. Later, 1859-1861, it was known as the Fort Kearney, South Pass and Honey Lake Wagon Road. On October 4, 1850, while hunting for Gold Lake, Peter Lassen and J. G. Bruff saw Honey Lake from this point." - California Historic Landmark No.677

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