Former Town Hall and Jail, Aroostook County

47 Burleigh St., Island Falls, Maine



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Former Town Hall and Jail, Aroostook County, 1911 - 1968 Date listed: 4/4/2019 Criterion A: Government Local Significance The former Town Office and Jail are located in Island Falls, Aroostook County, Maine. The small town is located in heavily wooded northern Maine in a relatively sparsely settled area. The building is locally significant under Criteria A for its association with town government. The building represents the small community's response to the loss by fire of the previous town office and many associated town records. The decorative concrete block and poured concrete construction ensured preservation of town records, and provided secure holding cells for local law enforcement. The cells were originally used by local constables and later as holding cells before transferring offenders to the county jail in Houlton. The building was also used from its construction into the 1930s to house the towns firefighting equipment. The period of significance is from construction in 1911 to 1968. The town office was active in the building until 1978, and the jail cells were used periodically for temporary holding into the 1960s. The building was the center of town government, provided safe record keeping and was used by law enforcement throughout the period of significance. The end date of significance reflects fifty years before the present date and the last approximate use of the jail cells.

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