Camp Cinnamon

37 Camp Cinnamon Rd., Norway, Maine


Camp Cinnamon




LISTED NRHP 9/30/2019

Criterion A: Entertainment/Recreation Criterion C: Architecture Period of Significance: ca. 1895 to 1969 Local Level of Significance Camp Cinnamon was founded as a private hunting club in rural Norway, Oxford County, Maine. Hunting camps and clubs are common in northern Maine. Camp Cinnamon is a good example of a specific type of hunting camp: a single building with a local membership in a rural location relatively close to member's homes. The camp was visited by the entire membership periodically but also used by smaller sub-groups. Members were mostly local men who had grown up together or those who interacted in daily work or business life. The club was formed specifically to hunt fox and filled a role similar to that of a fraternal organization. While not easily accessible prior to widespread automobile use, Camp Cinnamon could be accessed without long distance travel by train or boat and was therefore practical for brief weekend visits. The camp building evolved over time from ca. 1895 to 1940 and achieved its core appearance by 1906. The associated, contributing stable was built ca. 1900. The camp is significant under Criteria C for Architecture as an example of a type, period and method of construction. The simple, rustic construction and finishes reflect a utilitarian recreational building. The camp is also significant under Criteria A for Entertainment/Recreation for its association with the tradition of Maine hunting and fishing camps. The camp and stable are locally significant with a period of significance from ca. 1895 to 1969 which represents the construction of the existing camp buildings to fifty years before the present day when the camp was still in active use by the hunting club.


19th Century (38,050)
Aircraft (9)
Built 1876 (384)
Built during 1870s (5,059)
Camp (113)
Maine (1,882)
Oxford County, Maine (117)

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