Monticello Wabash Depot

200 E Livingston St, Monticello, Illinois

Preserved Wabash station


Monticello Depot

Looking north on the Wabash Railway, 1962. This is prior to the move to the current location.

Taken by Roger Puta, July 22, 1962

License: Public domain: Released by author



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Built in 1899 to replace the previous station which burned the same year. The depot was moved on April 20, 1904 when the line was relocated to its current alignment to the west. It was moved to its current location on May 29, 1987 and restored by the Monticello Depot Association, which became a part of the Monticello Railway Museum in 1993.


19th Century (37,886)
Built 1899 (557)
Built during 1890s (7,644)
Have Street View (47,023)
Illinois (2,695)
In operation (2,332)
Museum (130)
Piatt County, Illinois (12)
Railroad (1,977)
Railroad depot (1,569)
Wabash Railroad (25)

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