Florida MO battles 1861 & 1862

JCT U and 107

Site of 2 civil war battles and home of Mark Twain


Florida MO Historic Site

Photo taken by kjfishman in July 2011




There were two Civil War battles in Florida MO. The battle site is now part of Mark Twain Birthplace State Park. They hold a reenactment every year in July.

The first was July 8, 1861. A group of Union soldiers discovered a Confederate camp and mounted a surprise attack on the camp. The Confederate soldiers were dispersed. (visit link)

July 22, 1862 in Florida, Missouri - On July 22, Col. Joseph C. Porter and his band of Confederate raiders entered the town of Florida in the morning. Florida was currently being occupied by a 50-man detachment from the 3rd Iowa Cavalry. The Confederates attacked the Union cavalry and a brisk skirmish ensued. After an hour of fighting, the Union cavalry was forces from the town and headed to Paris with about 26 killed and wounded.

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