MP Eldon Depot

Lost Missouri Pacific Railroad station


Eldon Depot

Looking north, 1948




Lost Missouri Pacific Railroad station serving Eldon on the branchline between Jefferson City and Bagnell. This depot was the second built here, the first having been built in 1882 with the arrival of the railroad and destroyed by fire in 1886.

When the railroad arrived in 1882, the depot was planned to be built on Grand Avenue, approximately 1/2 mile southwest. As the Miller County Museum puts it, "after the tracks had been laid and the first train made its way to Eldon, the grade was too steep on Grand Avenue where the depot building was to have been built and the brakes wouldn't hold. The train rolled backward to stop naturally on the east side of Second and Maple Street."

The station served the line through the end of service and subsequent abandonment in 1962. Demolition occurred sometime before 1984.

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