Cogswell Fountain

Central Park, Rockville

One of the few old-time public fountains remaining; in Rockville


CT TM 09 1

Photo taken by Chester Gehman in September 2020



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Dr. Henry Daniel Cogswell was an American dentist and a crusader in the temperance movement. He believed that if people had access to cool drinking water they wouldn't consume alcoholic beverages. It was his dream to construct one temperance fountain for every 100 saloons across the United States. The sculpture of Dr. Cogswell has him holding a Temperance pledge in one hand and a glass of water in the other. On July 4, 1885 the figure was stolen and dumped into Snipsic Lake. It was recovered, only to disappear shortly afterwards. The statue reappeared on July 4, 1908 during the Town Centennial Celebration. It was finally melted for scrap during WWII. The present statue is a replica, restored to the original fountain base in 2015.

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