Park Theater

71 Genesee Street, Avon, NY 14414

A small-town, single screen, movie theater


Overview Looking Northwest

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in September 2020




The Park Theater is located in downtown Avon. It opened on July 20, 1938 with much celebration; it was one of the first theaters in the Rochester vicinity that was air conditioned.

By the 1960s, television had pretty much emptied the small town, single screen movie theaters. The Park was sold to the Avon VFW that intended to use the space as its meeting hall. Popular demand caused the VFW to revise its plan and the Park reopened in 1965. It closed again in 1995.

Other operators attempted to operate it until 2003 when film distribution changed to digital projection. Conversion to digital is extremely expensive and caused the demise of many small town, single-screen theaters. The Park was sold again and used as a storage facility until 2018.

It is reportedly under renovation with plans to reopen the Park as a theater running classic and independent films. The Park was projected to reopen in the fall of 2019 but as of this writing, the theater remains closed.

Cinema Treasures says the theater had 400 seats when it opened in 1938 (196 currently) and it replaced a 250 seat Park Theater that was across the street.

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