Brunswick Square

Also known as: Gardiner Common
Bounded by School St., Brunswick, Dresden, and Lincoln Aves., Gardiner, Maine


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Brunswick Square Date listed: 6/28/2021

Criterion A: Community Planning and Development Criterion A: Entertainment/Recreation Criterion C: Landscape Architecture Period of Significance: 1808 - 1971 Local Level of Significance Brunswick Square in Gardiner, Kennebec County, Maine is a three-acre greenspace laid out during an 1808 survey and given to the city in 1824 for public use as a public walk and parade ground. The Square is significant under Criterion C for landscape architecture as a good example of its type of landscape architecture. The Square is significant under Criterion A for community planning and development for its early creation and prominent place in the development of Gardiner's surrounding residential neighborhoods. The Square is also significant in the area of entertainment and recreation for its use as recreation space for individuals and a wide variety of community events. The period of significance is from 1808 to 1971. The end date reflects the importance and continued development of the Square over time. The addition of monuments and structures reflects changing trends in civic treatment of municipal greenspace, and these features reflect continuing significance in the areas of recreation and community planning up to 1971.


19th Century (38,039)
Built 1808 (69)
Built during 1800s (1,280)
Have Street View (48,844)
Kennebec County, Maine (156)
Maine (1,879)
Open to the public (3,427)
Park (595)

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